Comfort and exclusivityin a relaxing atmosphere

The relaxing side of the Dolomites

Hotel Al Forte offers a fully equipped spa, where guests can relax and recharge their batteries after a day on the ski slopes, in the mountains or after a mountainbike tour.

A secret retreat where coziness and exclusivity are paramount. A charming ambience among the rocks of the fortress, created with great attention to detail and the old wood of our barns.

The wellness area features:


  • Steam bath with herbs
  • Finnish sauna with natural essences
  • Tepidarium (only on Tuesday)
  • Event shower (tropical shower with maracuja essence, cold fog with peppermint and icy gush shower)
  • 2 whirlpools built inside the walls of the Fort
  • Relaxation area
  • Calidarium
  • Kneipp cure – wellness for your legs and blood circulation
  • Solarium
  • Fitness center to stay fit during your holidays
  • Herbal tea corner

Times and information

Slippers and bathrobes are available for guests (for a fee).
Wellness Thermae Club SPA: 3.30pm – 7.30pm
Hot-whirlpool & solarium: all day long
Fitness: all day long

  • Whirlpool Everyone knows the benefits of the whirlpool as well as the wonderful sensation to be completely spoiled by bubbles inside the water (for a fee).
  • Finnish Sauna Temperature: 90°C
    Humidity: 30%
    Recommended lenght of stay: 15 minutes.
    A real cardiovascular workout on high temperature and low humidity. A pleasure also for the sense of smell thanks to the structure of larch wood and natural essences mixed with the water.
  • Steam Bath Temperature: 90°C
    Humidity: 30%
    Recommended lenght of stay: 10 to 15 minutes
  • Tepidarium (once a week, on Tuesday)
    Tepidarium (regenerating and relaxing bath, 37-39°C) Ideal support for reinvigorating the immune system. Allows a general prevention and a regenerating activity of the body. It creates an artificial fever that leads to a natural increase in metabolism and fat excess.
  • Calidarium (once a week, on Thursday)
    Laconicum (Romanian Bath, 65-80°C) The intense sweating causes a natural general detoxification of the body by removing toxins.
  • Kneipp Kneipp cure is based on five main principles: Hydrotherapy, Phytotherapy, Nutrition, Exercises and a balanced lifestyle. The practise of hydrotherapy is based on thermal and mechanical effects. The nervous system carries stimuli perceived over the skin inside the body, stimulating the immune system. Alternating hot and cold temperatures reduces stress and stimulates body and mind.
  • Gush Shower There is nothing better after a steam bath or a sauna than letting a cascade of ice water flow all over your body.
  • Tropical Rain A pleasant hot shower with the natural essence of maracuja and orange colour therapy for a tropical feeling.
  • Cold Fog Energizing shower of cold droplets with mint essence and blue colour therapy, ideal for a refreshment after a sauna or steam bath.
  • Relax Area Comfortable lounges where you can relax and enjoy a herbal infusion after your treatments.
  • Herbal Infusions Corner Inside the wellness area you will find at your free disposal the herbal infusions corner where you can serve yourself with a drink after each treatment.
  • Solarium (facial and hands sun lamps with back massage )
    Do you want to return home with a perfect tan? After a walk outdoors or a hike on the snow in Arabba, relax and enjoy our solarium in the wellness centre Thermae Club Spa at Hotel Al Forte.
  • Heated Bench A heated bench where you can spend pleasant moments while tasting our herbal teas.
  • Fitness A gym at your disposal all day long with multi-power, bench, weights, treadmills, stepper and other equipment.